The Boys & Girls Club is about children. They are at the heart of – they are the heart – of all we do.

Every day, the Boys & Girls Club is filled with boys and girls of all ages who come to learn and to play. They take part in groups like the Girl Scouts, the Torch Club and the Keystone Club. They play basketball, make art projects and do their homework.

Our kids are smart, funny, charming and nice. They flourish under the nurturing and guidance of all of the adults in their lives. With our collective attention and support, they will continue to learn and grow and dream!

Some of our children distinguish themselves through consistent participation in activities, and with creativity, determination and achievement. We recognize their efforts by giving awards such as the Child of the Month Award and Youth of the Year.


2012 Youth of the Year

The Boys & Girls Club Family Center Youth of the Year is pleased to announce that our 2012 Youth of the Year is Niasia Torres, a 16-year-old student at Central High School. Niasia was awarded a $2,000 college scholarship, provided by the Boys & Girls Club Family Center, as well as a number of other prizes. Here is what Niasia had to say about her club experience:

“I come from a community where people of all ages, races and ethnicities have trouble joining together as one. I’ve learned that it’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going. Though I’ve seen my area at its worst, there was always a place where the worst seen in people was not common. It is a place where you have every opportunity to be whoever you want to be, whoever you want to become. With that said, that place is the Boys & Girls Club Family Center.

Niasia TorresIn my six years living in the Mason Square area, I’ve always attended the club. It’s always been a place of comfort for my peers and me. This isn’t just a ‘chill spot’ or a ‘free court’ for the boys. It’s a place where you are encouraged to define and reach your potential and where you don’t have to be anybody but yourself. Not every home or family is perfect, but that’s exactly why the Club fits in my community – because the expectation of the club was never to be perfect, but to do your best. The club stressed to ‘love, live strongly, both with your mind and heart,’ which was always a goal for me with help from the club. In addition, the staff never judges us, but they help us as young adults and children reach the path of success. Through all the stress, tears, and memories, the club has always remained as one solid whole. To me, it represents strength, and for everyone who attends, they gain strength from it to overcome obstacles.

The positive energy and motivation within the club not only helped people my age and others stay out of trouble, but it also helped us learn that when life hands you greats things, you grasp it and make something out of it. The Boys & Girls Club Family Center is not just a place where you define a whole other side of yourself, but a place where many of us call home.”